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  • Peter Samuel Jason (his father is a Kenyan geologist and his mother is an English language translator from Russia) was born in Moscow in 1976. Peter studied in Moscow boys' choir school where he sang classical and spiritual repertoire. After this school he entered a musical college.

  • When Pete was 14 he started his professional carrier. Since 1990 he is on stage as a member of group called "Russian Blacks". The group was founded by his elder brother who is a professional musician and talented composer. His brother composed all the songs for the group which were of great success. The group participated in different TV shows and competitions such as "Step to Parnas", "Star Rain", "50x50", "Morning Star". They had a lot of tours within the territory of the former USSR and abroad. But all these tours of the group didnt prevent Peter to study. In 1996 he has graduated from musical college and recorded his first solo album "Thousand of Nights". All songs of this album were composed by Peter himself.

  • In two years, in 1998, Peter Jason became a member of the group "Prime Minister".Till now the group is very popular in Russia. There are a lot of publications about the group in different youth magazines and newspapers. In 2002 the group represented Russia in international TV contest "Eurovision-2002" and won the place among ten best participants of the contest.

  • The group "Prime Minister" participated in different musical TV programs, recorded 7 albums, issued two DVDs with live concerts. Many video clips have been made on "Prime Ministers" songs. The group has many tours in Russia and abroad. In 2005 the group had solo concert in the main Moscow hall called "Russia".

  • When working in the group Peter didn't leave his composing. He continued to compose his own songs, some of which entered different albums of the group "Prime Minister" (at present the group is called "PM"). By now he composed a lot of songs. So in 2005, together with the work in the group, Peter started working at his solo project.

  • At present Peter Samuel Jason is both working in the group "PM" and in the process of recording his solo album in studio.

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