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Author: Tatiana date: 01-01-2012
Hi, congratulate you with Dragon Year !!!! :))))

Author: Pato date: 25-06-2011
Great songs you got..
The sky is the limit.!

Author: Pete date:
Thanks a lot!You are always welcome her.

Author: Santana date: 05-01-2009
Hi. Good site.

Author: Kate date: 24-05-2007
Hi! First of all I'd like to say: sorry for my English. And secondly, Pete you are wondreful and talented person.I've been listening your songs for 6 years and I really enjoy them. I hope that someday you visit Almaty, the city where I am from, again because last time it was in 2004...
Unfortunatelly I can't see you (and guys from "PM group") as often as I want, espesially on TV. And it makes me sad.But I believe that everything gonna be all right.

Author: Agnes date: 04-05-2007
Perhaps, this page in guestbook for english people)).... I really enjoy your own new songs!

Author: donna date: 23-01-2007
Your site is awesome...I'm promoting it on myspace.com MusicXchange classifieds.....God Bless! Donna

Author: Pete Jason date: 18-12-2006
Hello, I'm Pete Jason. I'm glad to greet you on my site!

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